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An Essential Legal Guide for Lesbian & Gay Couples

Of course same-sex couples should have the right to marry or legally register but whether or not to do so is a different question altogether. Full marriage equality is available in close to twenty states and in Canada, and marriage equivalent registration (as civil union or domestic partner) is available in many other states. There are unique questions that same-sex couples (and those who are advising them) need to discuss before walking down the aisle, and Making It Legal answers all the essential questions.

Now in its third edition (January 2014), the book provides a history of same-sex marriage, a survey of the marital laws both domestic and international, and a comprehensive summary of the basic rules of marital law. It also includes a guide to handling the consequences of inter-state discriminatory non-recognition, as well as the lingering issues of federal non-recognition. Then, from the more personal angle, the book helps you decide whether you (and your partner) are truly marriage material, and whether you need a pre-nup agreement. Finally, the book outlines the best strategies for avoiding an ugly gay divorce, and describes what plans every couple married or not needs to make to deal with the possibilities of dissolution, illness or death.

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